100th Anniversary Prioitized Task List June 22, 12:30
Item   Subject    Comments Status
19   Create version of the 100th Anniversary logo for a blue shopping bag   Completed Maj Mandahers suggested changes and uploaded again to PISC.. I will need to brief the printer before he does the job. Completed
1   Update the Registration website. Robert has already discussed with Maj Aggus and Maj McMichael. Robert will meet with the AO team on 30 April to discuss what needs to and can be accomplished NLT end May.    Have made the updates for products and discussed the text updates with Josh O'Rourke. The site is operational. Completed
2   Vehicle Wrap Graphics. Robert did the photo shoot for the runners last week and has the images for the baton.   Will reshoot baton while in Shilo on June 11th Designs will be finalized shortly. Reshoot done and final designs complete. Still need to finalize the Van rear door with Spomsors Completed
3   CMBG Military Heritage Day Poster. Coord with Capt Rob Clarke.   Job completed and final design approved Completed
3A   Internal Poster/E-invite for Dinners and Regimental Parade, VIP invitation format   Draft concept being prepared In Process
3B   Road signs for EC (keep it simple. This is going to Robert to maintain the common look and feel. Otherwise, we can print locally through base graphics or through Fred DeJong).   Designs have been provided and IÕve offered to make the finished art for all the signs if the team pull together the text they need for all the signs, Completed
3C   Display Boards for the MBR   Taveling to Shilo on June 11th to Finish . The trip was successful and the designs are being finalized for Tuesday June 24 Completed
4   Revisions of Promo materials with bilingual content. Grant to review the promotional material including the tourist cards for the EC and the OC. The final masters to be sent to PD AO. Once translated they will be prepared for printing.   Need ETA on Grant's feedback and additional information to complete this task. Will discuss further with Karen today. Need Info
4A   3D Graphic Map for Brochure   Innitial draft design is completed and will be modified as requirements are provided for collateral materials Completed
5   Sponsorship banners for the MBR (most current info from Foundation)   I have no info on banners for the MBR but I think this is important since some locations will not allow advertising. Need Info
6   New brochure for Red Arrow and CANEX etc with updated information on details of event and encouraging the public to participate   Need information to complete this task. Will discuss further with Karen Monday June 23. Need Info
7   Internal Poster/e-advertisement for the Oral History project on base during the Edmonton Commemoration.   Need more info from Karen. Design will be much like Veterans Tribute night Poster.  Need Info
8   Internal Poster/e-advertisement for the Open Mic event at the Better Ole on the 6th.   Design of the Poster out to team for comment. Need Info
9   Internal Poster/e-advertisement to promote the headliners/party at the Better Ole   innitial design is completed and awaiting feedback In Process
10   T- Shirt Design for Red Arrow (LetÕs keep this simple. Red Arrow to identify their needs and we can add 100th logo. Black shirts available. In cotton, we can get them for under $10 per shirt).   Draft designs to be completed by June 25th In Process
11   New Poster for Red Arrow and other Sponsor venues/MBR Route with social media icons for 11"x14" print updated information with website and registration information.   Karen and I have discussed this and IÕm working on draft designs In Process
12   Revised Tourist Cards for give-aways on the Red Arrow buses   Karen and I have discussed this and IÕm working on draft designs In Process
13   Sponsor logos added to the website and all promo materials   Discussed with Manny and will build additional page for sponsors. Need a comprehensive list of sponsors to be displayed. To be completed by Wednesday June 25 In Process
14   PPCLI Video Contest. Robert to create a small email version poster for the Video Contest that the units can print locally and post to raise awareness of the competition. The contest will officially start 1 May 2014. See attached for guidelines. Grant to draft a registration page for the contest based on the attached.     Completed
15   Add Teaser Video to the website     Completed
16   VIP Invitations need to be sent to the printer NLT 8 May 2014. Robert has finalize the graphics and the layout of the English text. The text for the invitations is with the translators for the French version. Once final text is received, it will be sent to Robert for finalization of the invitations. The final versions will be sent to the COR and Gen Day for approval before we go to print.     Completed
17   100th Anniversary Blog for the Website.     Completed
18   Create 100th Anniversary Twitter Page     Completed